Wasserstadt Limer – Baufeld 11


The suggestion of the theatre as an architectural archetype of being together is reflected in the open space with the design of a green centre. The new green centre signals the centre of community life in the new residential neighbourhood and is shaped and adapted with the functions of the ground floor.
The green centre serves as a catalyst for different community uses in the open space and at the same time contributes significantly to climate adaptation and provides a better microclimate.
The rain garden serves as a natural island in the urbanised environment and picks up on the theme of water management. As a counterpart, a slight hill is planned, defining a dynamic place of exchange.
The natural centre is an inlay in the artificial ground that defines in the south an active, flexible area for community events.
The passage of the courtyard also distinguishes the semi-private gardens from the green communal centre.
In the semi-private gardens, a low planting guide the movement disturbance in the centre of the courtyard as an inviting element. The trees emphasise the permeability of the courtyard, ensuring good orientation.


Type: Competition, Wasserstadt Limer Individuelles Wohnen in freundschaftlicher Nachbarschaft – gemeinschaftlich bauen
Status: Mention
Location: Hannover, Germany
Area: 2.800 m²
Year: 2021


with JUHU! Architektur