International Garden Festival – Jardins de Métis 2021


la beauté aims to remind us of what our contemporary society is taking for granted: the beauty and value of the environment, restoring a deep connection with nature.
Over the last few decades, we lost the understanding of the special value of the outdoors as we moved from being part of nature to being apart from nature. Our basic needs are no longer the reason we engage with the outdoors.
During one of the most difficult times of our time, nature takes the responsibility to give us shelter again, playing a crucial role in our healing process.
By a simple operation, la beauté wants, on the one hand, to give nature the chance to be properly observed rather than simply seen, and, on the other hand, to engage visitors in the importance and special magic of greenspaces with awareness and respect, as for a work of art.
Five elements frame the existing outdoor without any kind of filter. They are installed in the forest using steel cables anchored to the ground and hooked to a support system fixed between trees. Placed at a generous distance from each other, they allow the visit within the confines of regulation and sanitary concerns. The installation has a minimal impact on the environment it will inhabit.
The forest is considered as a piece of art. All we need is already there, we just have to step back and reinforce our engagement with the outdoors.


Type: Competition, 22. International Garden Festival – Jardins de Métis 2021
Location: Gran-Métis, Québec, Canada
Area: 200 m²
Year: 2020


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