Quartiersentwicklung Köthen



The design area on the western edge of the Rüsternbreite settlement is highly fragmented and significantly affected by demolition. The formerly intact structure of the area is now characterized by fallow land and a lack of spatial allocation. In order to put an end to the demolition and not to further weaken the character of the settlement in terms of identity and sustainability, all existing buildings will be preserved and considered as a basis for further urban development. The large-scale inventory is being carefully upgraded and structurally supplemented with small-scale and diverse typologies.
With the proposed development, a clear assignment of building plots is formed, which zones the area with regard to public and private areas. On the individual construction sites, existing buildings are deliberately mixed with new typologies to form more varied
groups. A public, green-blue network is created between the building sites, which ends in a central green center as an inviting, neighborly meeting point. Two types of building plots are created around the green center, on the one hand typologically mixed neighborhood courtyards and, as a supplement, building plots with comb-like row development and private gardens.
The hierarchy of the open spaces is characterized by a broad interplay of interlinked public and private open spaces. There are semi-public communal courtyards and private gardens on the building plots. On the other hand, there is a blue-green public network as an urban ecological compensation area with play areas and a neighborhood center in form of a herb and rain garden as a public meeting and resting place for residents and the neighborhood. The existing social open spaces, schoolyard and daycare center are also attached to the green center. Interactions (herb garden as a school garden, etc.) and openings between the social facilities and the green center are therefore possible and desirable.
The degree of surface sealing is kept as low as possible, only at the community center is a small paved area created as a supplement to the green center. Building on the existing structure above ground, the parking will be integrated into the public blue-green network as partially seepable areas. A playful network of paths invites one to explore and offers numerous opportunities for additional active uses, such as play, gardening or meeting and resting points. The existing trees are preserved and generously supplemented, extensive rain gardens are also created as wet locations, where water retention, retention and positive microclimatic effects are achieved.
The buildings are also attached to private gardens, loggias, verandas, terraces, arcades, as well as roof gardens and green roofs, which contribute to biodiversity in the quarter.


Type: Competition, Quartiersentwicklung Köthen
Status: Finalist
Location: Köthen (Anhalt), Germany
Area: 17,7 ha
Year: 2022


with Octagon Architekturkollektiv