Magnifica Fabbrica


The “Magnifica Fabbrica” extends from north to south at the eastern end of the site, clearly marking its border and enclosing the Lambretta Park and the complex of buildings that compose it in a single perimeter.
The park is overlaid by a system of paths, outdoor activities and water mirrors that serve to activate the use of the Crystal Palace and make it a system with the “Magnifica Fabbrica”.
Primary accessibility is located on via Rubattino, where two squares give easy and recognizable access by public transport. The path constituted by the walk named after Piermarini connects the two primary entrances to all the activities of the park and the Magnifica Fabbrica.
The new park of the Magnifica Fabbrica is a natural continuation towards the east of the Lambretta Park. With the same formal composition and logic, a main path crosses the area from north to south connecting the main entrance on Viale Rubattino with the entrance on Via Caduti di Marcinelle, winding sinuously between different landscapes.
The new intervention includes the Crystal Palace, deprives it of rear-end collisions and celebrates it as a scenographic backdrop. A span leaves room for the ongoing process of natural reconstruction of the vegetation while the squares of Song, Music and Dance occasionally reveal the Teatro della Scala with outdoor performances. Three water’s mirrors enhance its scenic ability. A pedestrian walkway creates a lifted-up connection between the park and the new building allowing a new relationship with the surrounding nature.


Type: Competition, Magnifica Fabbrica
Location: Milan, Italy
Area: 25 ha
Year: 2022


with Heim BalpArchitekten