Spielskulptur Alexanderplatz


Bärlin’s new play sculpture on Alexanderplatz?
Two playing bears!
The world-famous square will be reinterpreted through a play sculpture, a new playscape.
Two playing bears give Alexanderplatz a new regnonisable address, a new meeting spot especially for children and teenagers.
Two playing bears symbolize a gentle conversion and at the same time the dynamic energy of playing, moving bodies.
Two playing bears symbolize the two stories and faces of the city of Berlin, which are now joined in a warm hug. A blue tartan fall protection area marks the play area and also offers a tobe area.
Seating elements and round trampoline are integrated in the floor, they have the same blue color and material so they can also be part of the playscape.
The sculpture is in composite material, which ensures durability and possible risk of vandalism on Alexanderplatz.
The identity-forming play sculpture blends into the surrounding architecture and will become a favorite place for children to play and for parents to linger.
Two playing bears on Alexanderplatz?


Type: invited public study, Spielskulptur auf dem Alexanderplatz
Location: Berlin, Germany
Area: 200 m²
Year: 2021