Rathausstrasse Rietberg


The new design of the central Rathausstrasse activates a unique open space in the historical and dense urban fabric of Rietberg and ensures a better functionality, accessibility and attractiveness of the old town.
The Rathausstrasse goes through the historical city center of Rietberg and it meets two squares at the north and south entrance of the old city core and the town hall square halfway (Rathausplatz). The main project element is the new paving: a continuous natural stone carpet connects the different spaces and plays a crucial role in the recognition of the new organization of the space. Different formats, laying associations, covering structures and surface finishes take into account the different technical requirements and the visual differentiation of the space. Moreover, the colour of the stones matches the historical stones of the surrounding, creating a great natural harmony.
The one-way street course hasn’t been changed but the cross-section of the road space is now clearly structured with all the functional allocations arranged linearly along the eastern side. This new structure gives to the space a more readable composition which improves its quality and usability. A row of trees underlines the new configuration and it’s connected to the existing trees of the two entrance squares. The overall green structure connects itself to the existing green belt which embrace the old city center of Rietberg.
The north square acts as a representative city gate where the green islands hold the existing trees and increase the green area which is a formal extension of the green belt.
The central town hall square with the historic town hall and church remains open, so that the buildings can develop their effect in the dense structure. Few urban elemnts such as a new fountain and large benches create exciting focal points on the square and increase the quality of use.
At the southern entrance a new attractive town square creates a multifunctional space for events and markets as well as for temporary parking.
The result is an attractive recreational area in the heart of the old town, which combines living and working in equal measure and contributes to securing equal living conditions for everyone.


Type: Competition, Umgestaltug der Rathausstrasse
Status: 2nd Prize
Location: Rietberg, Germany
Area: 1,38 ha
Year: 2020


on behalf of Planorama
3D Visualisation David Willner