Marx-Engels-Forum in der Berliner Mitte


The Marx-Engels-Forum is a green area located in a infrastructural urban context in the city center of Berlin and surrounded by high-speed traffic routes.
The project aims to include the park in the system of green areas located along the Spree and, at the same time, to develop a new public space not only meant to be crossed but also as space to stay and enjoy. The goal is to give back to the Forum the original identity of core element of the urban system existing between Alexanderplatz, the Spree and the reconstructed Berlin Palace (Humboldt Forum). In order to improve its quality and to attract both Berliners and tourists, but without changing radically the identity of the park, the design keeps the existing park and green structure and focuses on punctual interventions. Also, the proposal works on the traffic plan and improves connections and accessibility to the area.
The original size of the round area at the center of the Forum has been increased; the current diameter is now extended up to the round path that was already integrated in the original design by Ludwig Engelhardt. In the central zone the sculptures assume the original position, but in a completely renovated environment, in which all the non-permeable surfaces are removed: a green round room at the center of the oasis of the park welcomes every kind of temporary use or activity; a slight slope increases the visitor’s perception of being part of a new place.
The ring path surrounding the core has a double functions which is highlighted with different materials and colors. The red ring defines the place to stay with a continuous sitting element under the existing trees and the wider path defines a cycle and pedestrian connection through the area.
The Spree-promenade is the limit of the Marx-Engels-Forum and connects it with the rest of the city. It highlights the contrast between urban and natural scape and defines a place where to sit and enjoy the view of the historical city center. The use of natural stone perfectly fits the materials used in the context with which the promenade relates harmoniously. Moreover, the riverfront surface is also extended to a new pier which give access to the ferry dock and hosts a little stage for small concerts and art performances.
The new Marx-Engels-Forum is a place meant to make memory and modernity come together, which creates a new atmosphere in the city center of Berlin.


Type: Competition, Lenné Prize 2018
Status: 1st Prize
Location : Berlin, Germany
Area: 5,5 ha
Year : 2018


with M.Sc.Arch. Edoardo Albano