Meixner Mischung

At the Meixner intersection, the placement of two high points creates a gateway effect as an entrance to the city and, on a second level, an inviting gateway effect into the neighbourhood. The two Meixner gates (entrance to Linz & entrance to the neighbourhood) create an exciting silhouette, also in conjunction with the existing high point at the intersection. A new urbanity is created that gives the extensive intersection space a scaled setting.

This flowing spatial continuum invites people to enter the neighbourhood from the Meixner intersection and makes it possible to stroll through the neighbourhood intuitively and without thresholds.

A clear urban structure consisting of 4 robust building plots is proposed. This structure enables a gradual development of the neighbourhood and at the same time offers good orientation and zoning of public and private spaces.The proposed development is closed on the outside to counteract the surrounding noise pollution, while on the inside the development interlocks with the internal open space and ensures activation and accessibility of the courtyards.productive courtyards around a green centre.

Typologically mixed courtyards are formed on the individual building plots, which enable different functions and turn the individual courtyards into lively clusters. The courtyards are productive places in the hierarchy, the public centre is themed around climate resilience and biodiversity and functions as a balancing place to stay and meet, which slows down in comparison to the courtyards.


Type: Competition, Leuchturm Leonding
Status: 3rd Prize
Location: Linz, Germany
Area: 2,7 ha
Year: 2024


with Octagon Architekturkollektiv