Kerberareal Fulda


V1 – Erhalt des Bestands
Our proposal for the preservation of the existing building is based on the silhouette of the existing building, which is supplemented by staggered storeys and interior courtyards, as well as by the construction of a new small residential tower that lends the ensemble new prominence. The existing building structure is taken over, modified and provided with new façades. A small square inside the quarter offers an attractive forecourt and public roof terraces complement the existing uses. The residential building is crowned by an urban garden for the residents. The underlying concept of building on existing historical situations is characterised by the sustainable re-use of the existing. The materials and structure of the new façade are based on the Cradle to Cradle principle and are designed to conserve resources and minimise CO2 emissions.


V2 – Neubau
With its structure of three courtyard houses, our new design variant picks up on the monastery typology that is characteristic of Fulda. The edge of the block opens up with various pedestrian connections, creating a neighbourhood criss-crossed. The heights of the buildings are related to those of the neighbouring buildings. Towards the interior of the block, they are stepped down in height and thus convey the impression of an urban landscape. As the green heart of the quarter, three public roof terraces open up in its centre as public gardens for the city’s residents.. Roof terraces complement the different uses of restaurants, residential and offices. Skybar and restaurants open up a view of the panorama of Fulda across Universitätsplatz. The three buildings are connected by a common underground car park. A modular prefabricated timber construction ensures an economically and ecologically sustainable building. The silhouette of the building is based on a flexible grid. The ecological approach is complemented by solar panels on the roof surfaces and an intelligent water management system.


Type: Competition, Revitalisierung Kerber Areal
Status: Participant
Location: Fulda, Germany
Area: 6.900 m²
Year: 2022


with Max Dudler