IBA’27 Quartier der Generationen Schorndorf

2nd Prize


The development of the neighbourhood is essentially based on the open space and the natural aspects characterising context: the Rems, its banks and the existing tree population. An exciting relationship is developed between buildings and natural open spaces: a waterfront is created that respects and stages the river and its banks.
The heart of the open space concept and the centre of the new neighbourhood is the Retention Plaza, a green meeting place on the waterfront that makes natural events such as heavy rain, drought and floods tangible and leads into the “neighbourhood balcony” on the water at the edge of the bank. It is a reinterpretation of the archetype square as a green space with urban ecological functions (large green area in the middle of the square bordered by a seating edge, meeting point for the neighbourhood). The banks of the Rems are implemented into a floodplain landscape, with small, intimate places on the water. Other ecological compensation sites are distributed throughout the neighbourhood and combined with the diverse uses of the building. Thus, the multigenerational courtyard also functions as a retention courtyard. A natural playground is planned next to the daycare centre, and the spaces between the building plots are designed as neighbourhood green alleys. The terracing of the roofs is used for intensive and extensive green roofs.


Type: Competition, IBA’27 Quartier der Generationen Schorndorf
Status: 2nd Prize
Location: Schorndorf, Germany
Area: 17.400 m²
Year: 2022


with Octagon Architekturkollektiv