Holwede Klinikum Braunschweig

1st Prize

The green spaces along the Oker will be extended towards the existing trees and green pockets with special areas for resting, so that the already high quality of the open space is strengthened. The green pockets connect the river embankment with the city and the neighbouring green areas. The public landscape space along the Oker is supplemented by more private areas in the inner courtyards of the perimeter block development.
Here, green courtyards with community gardens, play areas and meadows invite people to stay, to play, linger and relax.
The Oker hiking trail with a natural path runs through the entire landscape along the river as the backbone of the new park.
Several water gardens with water-purifying plants line the footbridges along the riverbank.
A floating wooden deck connects the natural topography of the Oker embankment with the hacking trail.


Type: Competition, Nachnutzung des Klinikums Holwedestraße
Status: 1st Prize
Location: Braunschweig, Germany
Area: 51.800 m²
Year: 2022


with JUHU! Architektur