Hidden within the dense urban fabric of Kreuzberg, the Frauengarten is an unexpected oasis. A courtyard which leads along a winding path into a green garden. An oasis, a green pause. An intimate space of peace with different degrees of privacy, a place to enjoy the beauty of lush greenery.
The paved area has been significantly reduced to provide as much space as possible for vegetation, while maintaining the possibility of functional and easy connection between the front and back of the garden.
An accurate selection of new trees, herbs and perennials, climbing plants and flowers have been planted in order to create a seasonal variety throughout spring and summer creating a luscious and luxurious image.
The garden is enriched with small, secluded and hidden paved places with mobile or built-in seating elements. A collection of precious objects belonging to the two owners and some sculptures stand out among the ivy and the low vegetation, enriching the garden with continuous encounters.


Type: Project, private villa garden
Status: completed
Location: Berlin, Germany
Area: 280 m²
Year: 2021


with Dipl.-Ing. Michèle Robin Jankowski