Festareal Beelitz


The future “festival area” is located on the southern river embankment of the Nieplitz, nearby the historic center of Beelitz. It is enclosed by the area of the planned State Garden Show 2022 on the north and west, the open rural area on the south and the new water treatment plant on the east.
The planning area represent the transition between the historic center and the landscape and is divided into a varied sequence of urban and natural open spaces with their respective individual characters. In addition to the intensely designed core, the framing of meadows with wooded plantations creates a natural landscape. In addition, the aquatic garden in the preserved concrete construction, the playground, the tribune integrated into the embankment,  the rearrangement of the river bank along the Nieplitz and the mosaic of the garden become special attractions for all users.
The green festival park offers a flexible space for future events and many different daily activities.


Type: Competition, Festspielareal Beelitz
Status: 3rd Prize
Location: Beelitz, Germany
Area: 3,2 Ha
Year: 2019


with querfeldeins
3D Visualisation Leon Giseke