Bozner Platz


As part of the redesign of Bozner Platz, the city of Innsbruck is activating an inner-city open space in the historically dense urban fabric, thus ensuring its functionality and attractiveness. Traffic is reorganised and an attractive area is created as a gateway to the city centre. The Bozner Platz represents an urban joint, which functions as a place of arrival in the city.
The primary gesture should be the creation of a uniform, pedestrian-friendly square, which despite its uniform and restrained design should represent a dynamic and lively square. The Bozner Platz should be easily passable and permeable for pedestrians and cyclists and at the same time invite them to stay and relax.
The new square design will increase the attractiveness for residents, neighbouring businesses and their customers, as well as for suppliers and passers-by.
The central design element is the large-scale and uniform pavement, which visually connects the various subspaces of the square and the adjoining streets and thus contributes to a high recognition value of the square and a generous spatial effect. A few settlements, such as the striking large benches, form the exciting focal points on the square and at the same time increase its quality of use.
Due to the laying pattern, the paving forms a wave-like, circular and dynamic image in the centre of the square, this is intended to visualise the flow of the many passers-by and to have a kind of guiding function. The uniform floor covering creates a high-quality, continuous urban carpet and presents itself similarly as a living-room for the city.


Type: Competition, Bozner Platz Innsbruck
Location: Innsbruck, Austria
Area: 9.000 m²
Year: 2020