Bildungsquartier Wiesenweg


The guiding idea of the design for the new educational quarter on Wiesenweg is the interlocking of the two qualities that arise from the outstanding location of the site, the forest and the water’s edge.
To ensure a direct, natural link between the forest and the water’s edge, the existing green space is increased in the form of a green corridor to the water’s edge to frame the new quarter. As an identity-creating guiding structure, a landscape band is proposed as a central public space that connects the northern and southern parts of the neighbourhood, the edge of the forest with the water’s edge. The educational quarter and the surrounding landscape are to function in a symbiotic relationship as part of a resilient overall system.
The diagonal (from southwest to northeast) is treated as meeting point of the educational quarter, but also for the surrounding neighbourhoods, connects three differentiated open spaces in the quarter. The campus square as the heart of the school and sports campus in the south, the entrance square on Wiesenweg, which marks the entrances to both parts of the neighbourhood, and the quiet riverside area for relaxing and the view of the Havel and towards the city.


Type: Study, Bildungscampus am Wiesenweg der Stadt Brandenburg an der Havel
Status: Participant
Location: Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany
Area: 14,5 ha
Year: 2022


with Octagon Architekturkollektiv